3 Wellness Design Trends of 2021 for Creating Quality over Quantity


On the contrary of popular perception, the definition of “luxury” is, “a condition of abundance or great ease and comfort”. Recently, the desire for comfort has been directed towards health-related concerns. This phenomenon has created a spike of needs expressed through personalization of one’s home space as many of us spend the majority of our time within the safe, yet constrained parameter of our homes. 

Although there are restless efforts made to improve the situation, there still is apparent fear and distrust in public spaces for safety. This relatable fear pushes a large portion of the population back to the indoors who then are investing more on improving their parameters rather than expanding them. 

Due to this phenomenon, there is a spike of interest in these 3 trending topics:

  • Biophilic wellness design
  • Garden furniture
  • Bringing the indoor out

Biophilic wellness design

Image courtesy of Priscilla Du Preez

Wellness design is a strong macro trend that dominates the lifestyle of 2021. This trend is heavily influenced by the increased need for comfort in catering to the biophilic tendency of humans, where we are naturally attracted to being near nature. In 2021, this tendency magnifies in our homes as we make more effort in bringing nature home whether it may be a new edible garden in your patio or making your bedroom into a jungle. The need to update well-being and home improvements has increased the demand and are calling for supplies around the world. 

These actions were also fueled by the enhanced awareness of indoor pollution in recent months. More and more people are paying attention to improving their spaces not just in aesthetics, but also for functional purposes such as the quality of air or productivity. 

Garden furniture

Within the safety of home, many people are using every slice of sunlight and fresh air to improve their wellbeing by exercising, meditating, or gardening to avenge the lost outdoors productivity. Garden furniture and home gardening are a significant micro trend that has been consistently rising since the last 12 months on Google searches in Italy, especially in the northern regions. The crave for destination travel is now redirected to the homeowners making their patio space and backyards feel like an escape oasis. 

Image courtesy of Marianne Vestm

The statistics of interest in outdoor furniture topics are at its highest growth as we greet the beginning of summer. People are searching for gardening tips, furniture, outdoor kitchens, and other immune-building habits in order to revamp their life at home. 

Bringing the indoor out

With many homes having doubled up as offices, the lines for working and living/socializing have been blurred and so has the idea of indoor and outdoor. The idea of “stay-cation” (vacation by staying locally) is being taken to a new level by homeowners. Take outdoor kitchens as an example: there are increasing demands for personalizing personal outdoor spaces. 

Image courtesy of Vincent Keiman

At the same time, people want the same comfort of the indoors to the outdoors. Due to these increasing demands, unexpected items such as outdoor rugs, lightings, fire pits, and structures that provide privacy have been trending.

In case of urbanites with limited personal outdoor space, privacy has become another topic of interest following the home-improvement trend. As many outdoor activities have shifted to the personal spaces, privacy has become a priority especially in an urban to semi-urban lifestyle. As homeowners search for the outdoor connection, the trend for outdoor exercise, leisure, and outdoor showers are also trending. Structures that provide privacy and separation are making a comeback in attention.


Design is more than a reaction to what is happening around us. It is rather enhancing the system in what is to come and to better the future of the sustainable ecosystem that we all take part in. 

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